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How to gamify? A method for designing gamification


During recent years the enhancement of information technology via design features borrowed from (video) games, also known as “gamification”, has become a notable development both in academia and industry. Gamification primarily aims at increasing users’ positive motivations towards given activities or use of technology, and thereby, increasing the quantity and quality of the output of the given activities. Business analysts suggest that more than half of all organizations will have gamified parts of their processes by 2015 (Gartner 2011; IEEE 2014). In the academic realm, several studies in various contexts have shown that gamification can be an effective approach to increase motivation and engage users or participants in a given activity (see e.g. Hamari et al. 2014; Morschheuser et al. 2016 for reviews).

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Bath Gamification Talks

No, not points for plumbing and badges for bidets, but a series  of 10 talks in the very english town of Bath. They’re ostensibly on gamification, but the remit is really the impact of games on a wide variety of fields. I’m presenting session four and so far we’ve already had talks on serious games, ARGs for education and tomorrow (Fri 21st) there will be a talk on Gamification, Innovation, Transformation by the organiser, and innovation specialist, Anja-Karina Pahl.

Next week I’m presenting (28th October) on Gamification, Design and Beyond. I’ll be using some of the definition work that has already been carried out via our CHI and Mindtrek papers, as well as discussing the general trend in the ludification of culture; the ludic turn. Some colleagues from the Play Research Group at UWE will be presenting over the next few weeks.

The event is free, but they would like you to register for it if you’re coming along. Drinks during and dinner afterwards.