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CHI 2013 Workshop Designing Gamification

The workshop will take place in the Université Paris-Dauphine. You can register on the workshop day on site there. There will be no formal presentations during the workshop, so make sure to read the papers and presentations ahead of time for shared ground.

8.30-9.00 Arrival
9.00-9.15 Introduction
9.15-9.45 Warm-up with low-tech social network and question balloons
9.45-10.15 Collecting questions
10.15-11.15 World Café
11.15-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.00 World Café results
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.30 Collection of questions for breakout groups
13.30-14.30 Breakout groups I
14.30-14.45 Coffee break
14.45-15.00 Coordinating breakout groups II
15.00-16.00 Breakout groups II
16.00-16.15 Coffee break
16.15-17.15 Group presentations & discussion
17.15-17.45 General discussion and wrap-up
Evening Dinner

Home | Call for Participation | Schedule | Organisers | Papers

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