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The Gamification Research Network collects news and discussion around the study of game design in non-game contexts. It is currently edited by Sebastian Deterding.

#boycottACE and Institutional Corruption

Screenshot of ACE 2018 conference listing Steve Bannon as keynote speakerThe headline first, even though it buries the lede: ACE 2018, the 15th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, has invited former Breitbart News executive chairman and former Donald Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon as a keynote speaker. ACE is a smaller, but long-running academic conference on, as it says on the tin, entertainment technology. If you ask: Why does a smaller academic conference on entertainment technology invite Bannon as a keynote speaker, you are not alone. The announcement has led the second keynote speaker, play researcher Peter Gray, to withdraw from the conference, and numerous researchers to publicly call for boycotting ACE under the #boycottACE hashtag.

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CFP: Research Games Book

In recent years, games have increasingly received attention as a source of inspiration for areas outside of games and play itself. After a successful workshop at CHI 2016 we are preparing an edited book in the Springer Human-Computer Interaction Series explicitly aiming to reveal bridging concepts and presenting methods for introducing the application of game elements and game design principles to research in the field of HCI. Continue reading

CFP: CHI Play 2017

CHI Play is the international and interdisciplinary ACM SIGCHI conference for researchers and professionals across all areas of play, games, and human-computer interaction (HCI) or ‘player-computer interaction’. The goal of CHI Play conference is to highlight and foster discussion on high quality research in games and HCI, as foundations for the future of digital play. To this end, the conference blends academic research papers, interactive demos, and industry case studies. This year’s CHI Play will be from October 15 to 17 in Amsterdam. Continue reading